Sony DAV-FC9 MP3 Player User Manual

Playing Discs
After following Step 7
Depending on the disc, a menu may appear on
the TV screen. You can play the disc
interactively by following the instructions on the
menu. (DVD: page 27), (VIDEO CD: page 28).
To remove the disc
Press DISC 1-5 A on the system, or Z on the
remote. When you press Z on the remote, the
disc in the stocker whose DISC indicator is
green is ejected. Remove the disc after it is
ejected from the system. “READY!” appears in
the front panel display.
To turn on the system
Press "/1 on the system. The system turns on. In
standby mode, the system also turns on by
pressing A on the system or by pressing H.
To turn off the system
Press "/1 on the remote. The system enters
standby mode and the STANDBY indicator
lights up in red. To turn off the system
completely, remove the AC power cord from a
wall outlet.
While playing a disc, do not turn off the system
by pressing "/1 on the system. Doing so may
cancel the menu settings. When you turn off the
system, first press x to stop playback and then
press "/1 on the remote.
The DISC 1-5 indicators change their colours as
green: the disc is chosen, or the disc is being play
off: there is no disc.
orange: a disc is loaded to the disc stocker,
however, the disc is not chosen.
Saving the power in standby
Press "/1 on the system or "/1 on the remote
While the system is in standby mode, the STANDBY
indicator on the system lights up.
To cancel standby mode
Press "/1 on the remote once.
To save power on the subwoofer
(Auto power on/off function)
When input signals cease for a few minutes
while the subwoofer is turned on, the ON/
STANDBY indicator on the subwoofer turns
red, and the subwoofer enters power saving
mode. The subwoofer automatically turns back
on when an input signal is received. To turn off
this function, slide the POWER SAVE switch on
the rear panel of the subwoofer to OFF.
If you turn down the volume level of the system too
low, the Auto power on/off function may activate, and
the subwoofer will enter power saving mode.