Sony DAV-FC9 MP3 Player User Manual

Additional Information
Region Code
This system is used to protect copyrights. A
region number is allocated on each DVD system
or DVD disc according to the sales region. Each
region code is shown on the system as well as on
the disc packaging. The system can play the
discs that match its region code. The system can
also play discs with the “ ” mark. Even when
the region code is not shown on the DVD, the
region limit may still be activated.
On a VIDEO CD with PBC (playback control)
functions, the menu screens, moving pictures
and still pictures are divided into sections called
Super Audio CD
This audio format is based upon the current
audio CD standards but includes a greater
amount of information which provides higher
quality sound. There are three types of discs:
single layer, double layer and hybrid discs. The
hybrid disc contains both standard audio CD and
Super Audio CD information.
The longest section of a picture or music feature
on a DVD, movie, etc., in video software, or the
entire album in audio software.
Section of a picture or a music piece on a Super
Audio CD, CD, VIDEO CD or MP3. An album
is composed of several tracks (MP3 only).
A compact disc that contains moving pictures.
The picture data uses the MPEG 1 format, one of
a worldwide standard of digital compression
technology. The picture data is compressed to
about 1/140 of its original size. Consequently, a
12 cm VIDEO CD can contain up to 74 minutes
of moving pictures.
VIDEO CDs also contain compact audio data.
Sounds outside the range of human hearing are
compressed while sounds we can hear are not
compressed. VIDEO CDs can hold 6 times the
audio information of conventional audio CDs.
There are 2 versions of VIDEO CDs.
Version 1.1: You can play only moving
pictures and sounds.
Version 2.0: You can play high-resolution still
pictures and enjoy PBC functions.
This system conforms to both versions.