Sony DAV-FC9 MP3 Player User Manual

Playing the disc for which
Parental Control is set
1 Insert the disc and press H.
2 Enter your 4-digit password using the
number buttons, then press ENTER.
The system starts playback.
• If you play a DVD which does not have the Parental
Control function, playback cannot be limited on this
• Depending on the DVD, you may be asked to change
the parental control level while playing the disc. In
this case, enter your password, then change the level.
If the Resume Play mode is cancelled, the level
returns to the original level.
If you forget your password, remove the disc and
repeat Step 1 to 3 of “Limiting playback for children.”
When you are asked to enter your password, enter
“199703” using the number buttons, then press
ENTER. The display will ask you to enter a new 4-digit
password. After you enter a new 4-digit password in
Step 3, replace the disc in the system and press H.
When the PARENTAL CONTROL display appears,
enter your new password.
Area Code
Standard Code number
Argentina 2044
Australia 2047
Austria 2046
Belgium 2057
Brazil 2070
Canada 2079
Chile 2090
China 2092
Denmark 2115
Finland 2165
France 2174
Germany 2109
Hong Kong 2219
India 2248
Indonesia 2238
Italy 2254
Japan 2276
Korea 2304
Malaysia 2363
Mexico 2362
Netherlands 2376
New Zealand 2390
Norway 2379
Pakistan 2427
Philippines 2424
Portugal 2436
Russia 2489
Singapore 2501
Spain 2149
Sweden 2499
Switzerland 2086
Taiwan 2543
Thailand 2528
United Kingdom 2184