Sony DAV-FC9 MP3 Player User Manual

When playing back an MP3
When playing back a JPEG
Depending on the type of disc being played and the
playing mode, the disc information may not be
ID3 tag applies only to version 1.
• If the MP3 file you play back has an ID3 tag, the ID3
tag information is displayed as a track (file) name.
Only the letters in the alphabet and numbers can be
used for album, track, or file names. Anything else is
displayed as “ ”.
In the following cases, elapsed playing time and
current track remaining time may not be displayed
when an MP3 file of VBR (variable bit rate) is
• When playing VIDEO CDs with PBC functions, only
the playing time of the scene is displayed.
The playing time and remaining time of the current
chapter, title, track, scene, or disc will also appear on
your TV screen. See the following section “Checking
the Playing Time and Remaining Time” for details on
how to read this information.
Playing time and current track number
Remaining time of the
current track
Track (file) name
Album (folder) name
Current sound field
Current file number
File name
Album (folder) name
Current sound field