Sony DAV-FC9 MP3 Player User Manual

Sony Corporation Printed in Korea
Quick reference for Remote Commander
The remote control of the unit employs command signals in
common with other Sony DVD products.
Thus, depending on the button, other Sony DVD products may
A Selects a disc for playback.
B Ejects the disc.
C Switches the item displayed on the front panel
D Selects the component you want to use.
E Switches monaural or stereo of FM stereo
F Selects AM or FM band.
G Selects program or shuffle play mode.
H Press to return to the Continuous play, etc.
I Sets the remote to TV mode.
Normal mode: tuns off.
TV mode: tuns in red.
J Changes the sound.
K Changes the angles when playing a DVD.
L Changes the subtitle.
M ./>, PREV/NEXT : Press to go to the next
chapter or track or to go back to the previous
chapter or track. PRESET –/+ : Scan all preset
N Plays a disc.
O Pauses playing a disc.
P Displays the title menu on the TV screen.
MP3/JPEG: Selects albums.
Q Select and execute the items or settings.
R Displays the Control Menu display on the TV
screen to set or adjust the items.
S Select the TV Channel.
T Adjust the TV volume.
U Turns the TV on and off.
V Turns on and off the power of the system.
W Displays the “REPEAT” display on the TV
X Activates the name function.
Y Select the sound field.
Z Press to store a preset station.
wj Makes sound clear at low volume.
wk Select the items of settings. TV: Select channel
wl Executes the items or settings.
e; m/M (SCAN) : Locate a point while
monitoring the picture while playing a disc.
/ SLOW : Play a disc in slow motion in the
pause mode.
TUNING –/+ : Scan all available radio stations.
ea Stops playing a disc.
es Mutes the sound.
ed Displays the DVD menu on the TV screen.
MP3/JPEG: Selects albums.
ef Adjust the SYSTEM volume.
eg Press to return to the previously selected screen,
eh Changes the input mode of the TV.
ej Bass sound is effectively reinforced.
ek Sets the system to turn off at a preset time and
changes the brightness of the front panel display
by two steps.
el Displays the setup display on the TV screen to set
or adjust the items.
* Depending on the TV manufacture, the following method
also works. Press >10, then the number. (For example, for
channel 25, press >10, then 2 and 5.)