Sony DAV-FC9 MP3 Player User Manual

5 Press ENTER.
The system starts playback from the
selected number.
To turn off the Control Menu
Press DVD DISPLAY repeatedly until the
Control Menu is turned off.
To search for a particular point
using the time code (TIME
Example: If you search for the playing time of
the current title on a DVD
1 In Step 2, select (TIME).
“T **:**:**” (playing time of the current title)
is selected.
2 Press ENTER or c.
“T--:--:--” appears above “T**:**:**.”
3 Input the time code using the number
buttons, then press ENTER or c.
For example, to find a desired point at 2
hours, 10 minutes, and 20 seconds after the
beginning, just enter “2:10:20.”
• The title, chapter or track number displayed is the
same number recorded on the disc.
You cannot search a scene of a VIDEO CD.
• If you play a DVD, input the playing time of the
current title using the time code. If you play a CD,
Super Audio CD, VIDEO CD, or MP3, input the
playing time of the current track using the time code.
You can change the display to show playing time or
remaining time. For details, see “Checking the Playing
Time and Remaining Time” (page 43).
Viewing the Playing Time and
Remaining Time in the Front
Panel Display
You can check disc information, such as the
remaining time, total number of titles in a DVD,
or tracks in a Super Audio CD, CD, VIDEO CD
or MP3, using the front panel display (page 83).
Each time you press DISPLAY while playing
the disc, the display changes as shown in the
Viewing Disc Information