Sony DAV-FC9 MP3 Player User Manual

Do not catch the speaker cable insulation in the SPEAKER jack.
Connect the speaker cable after bending the speaker wire at the end of the insulation. This prevents the speaker cable
from being caught in the SPEAKER jack.
To avoid short-circuiting the speakers
Short-circuiting of the speakers may damage the system. To prevent this, be sure to follow these
precautions when connecting the speakers. Make sure the bare wire of each speaker cord does not touch
another speaker jack or the bare wire of another speaker cord.
Examples of poor conditions of the speaker cord
After connecting all the components, speakers, and AC power cord, output a test tone to check that all
the speakers are connected correctly. For details on outputting a test tone, see page 72.
If no sound is heard from a speaker while outputting a test tone, or a test tone is output from a speaker
other than the one currently displayed in the front panel display, the speaker may be short-circuited. If
this happens, check the speaker connection again.
Be sure to match the speaker cord to the appropriate terminal on the components: 3 to 3, and # to #. If the cords
are reversed, the sound will lack bass and may be distorted.
Stripped speaker cord is
touching another speaker
Stripped cords are touching
each other due to excessive
removal of insulation.