LG Electronics 22LQ630H Handheld TV User Manual

Cloning Overview
Caution: Do not unplug the TV power cord or remove/disconnect the USB memory device/
clone programmer while Learning or Teaching, as doing so may cause the TV to malfunction
or harm the USB device/clone programmer, respectively.
There are four different procedures for cloning a Master TV Setup (including a TV that has been set up
using the Express Script Installer Menu Wizard), each with its own advantages and limitations (see also
“Cloning Methods” on page 15):
Using a USB memory device / .tlx le
Using a USB memory device / .tll le
Using a TLL-1100A clone programmer
Using a LT2002 clone programmer
Each cloning method is described in further detail on the pages that follow. As you perform cloning proce-
dures, be sure to complete each task as indicated. If a procedure or step is omitted or not performed
completely, cloning may not work. At each step, pay attention to ensure the TV screen shows the proper
message when cloning. If the message indicated does not appear, there is a problem with that step, and
cloning may not be successful.
Caution: Copying a blank or incorrect memory into a TV from a clone programmer will
cause the TV to operate erratically or become inoperable.
Caution: If the TV is in LodgeNet PPV Mode or FTG Mode via EBL (check with the site
administrator if you are not certain), do not connect a clone programmer to the GAME
CONTROL/MPI port, as this will damage the clone programmer.
Before you begin cloning:
Complete the Custom Master TV Setup procedure or run the Express Script Installer Menu Wizard (see
pages 15 to 18 or pages 11 to 14, respectively).
All equipment should be connected to power and turned ON.
Both the Master and Target TVs must be in Pass-through Mode (i.e., the TV setup menus should be
displayed when you press MENU on the Installer Remote).
Learning and Teaching is only possible between identical model TVs.
If using a USB memory device, ensure the USB device has been formatted with FAT format.
If using a USB memory device / .tlx le, ensure that the Master TV Setup does not contain a Channel Map;
otherwise, Teaching will result in the Target TV(s) being congured for FTG Mode via CPU.
For both Master and Target TVs—If using a clone programmer, ensure the TV is tuned to either an Aux
input or an analog (not a digital) channel.
LT2002 only—Make sure the batteries in the clone programmer are fresh. If batteries are removed, the
clone programmer clock time (if set) will be lost (see page 41 for information on the clone programmer