LG Electronics 22LQ630H Handheld TV User Manual

General Troubleshooting (Some Quick and Easy Tips for Resolving Problems)
Symptom Possible Cause(s) Possible Solution(s)
Cannot direct enter
channel number.
(TV in Pass-through Mode) Installer
Menu item 028 CH. OVERIDE is set
to 0, i.e., disabled and/or Channel
Access was denied in Express Script.
If the channel lineup is locked (recommended setting), only
channels that are active in the TV’s channel lineup can be
selected. Set 028 CH. OVERIDE to 1 to allow access for direct
keypad entry to all channels.
(TV in FTG Mode) The channel
entered is not part of the FTG Channel
Channel access is restricted to channels included in the FTG
Channel Map. If necessary, make changes to the FTG Channel
Map using the FTG File Manager or the FTG Device
Configuration Application, as appropriate.
No channels present
after setup.
Auto Tuning (Channel Search) not
Refer to Express Script or Custom Master TV Setup procedure,
as appropriate. Auto Tuning must be run in order for the channel
lineup to be populated. Note for Express Script: You must select
“Execute Auto Search” in the Auto Search screen to run search
(see page 12). To re-activate the Express Script, set Installer
Menu item 117 FACT DEFAULT to 1.
Picture Reception and Sound
Symptom Possible Cause(s) Possible Solution(s)
No picture. TV is turned OFF. Turn TV ON.
Power failure?
Antenna/cable not connected. Connect antenna/cable signal to TV.
Connections incorrect. Check connections on TV.
MPI not connected. If applicable, connect MPI cable to MPI device.
Encrypted program. Try another channel.
Wrong tuning band. Adjust Installer Menu settings.
Normal picture, poor or
no sound.
Broadcast problem. Try a different channel.
Audio muted. Press MUTE or use Volume Up key to increase sound level.
Pillow/TV speaker not configured
Check that Installer Menu items 020 FEATURE LEVEL and 027
HOSPITAL MODE are set as required. Also, if applicable, select
TV Speaker in the Audio Menu.
Erratic Operation
Symptom Possible Cause(s) Possible Solution(s)
Installer Menu setup. Wrong Installer Menu settings. Adjust Installer Menu settings as required.
Installer Remote
Symptom Possible Cause(s) Possible Solution(s)
Remote doesn’t work. Remote not in TV Mode. Use MODE key to select “TV”; puts remote into TV Mode.
Not aimed at IR remote sensor. Point remote at TV’s IR receiver on TV.
Remote too far from IR sensor. Move remote closer to TV’s IR receiver or darken room.
MPI not connected. If applicable, connect MPI cable to MPI device.
IR path to TV’s receiver obstructed. Remove obstructions.
Weak batteries. Replace batteries.
Wrong battery polarity. Check that “+” and “-” match in battery compartment.
Too much light in room. Dim room light.
Bed Switch set to wrong bed. Set switch to Bed #2 unless TV has been configured for Bed #1
Wrong Installer Remote. Requires compatible Installer Remote. Contact your LG dealer.