Audiovox D2010 Portable DVD Player User Manual

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Screen and System Panel Controls
Front Panel Controls
1. OPEN button
Press to open the disc tray cover.
2. Disc Tray Cover
When the disc is loaded gently
press the cover to close it.
3. PLAY button
Press to begin playback.
4. Remote Sensor
IR receiver for remote control
5. STOP button
Press to stop playback.
6. Power Indicator
Lights green when the player is on.
7. PAUSE button
Press once to pause playback.
Press again to activate step frame
by frame playback.
8. ENT button
Press to confirm selection.
9. Direction buttons
Press to select menu items or
10. MENU button
Press to display the disc root menu.
11. TITLE button
Press to display titles if present on
the DVD disc.
12. Next button
Press to skip to the next chapter or
13. Forward Scan button
Press to scan forward.
14. Prev button
Press once to skip to the beginning
of the current chapter or track,
press twice to skip to the previous
chapter or track.
15. Reverse Scan button
Press to scan backwards.
16. Speakers
Provide high quality Audio
17. LCD Screen
10.2” TFT LCD Panel
18. Latch Hook
Used to lock the LCD panel to the
19. Infrared audio signal emitter
Used to transmit audio to optional
wireless headphon
20. -/+buttons
Use to adjust the brightness, color
and contrast level. Also used to turn
the infrared headphone emitter
power ON or OFF, and selecting the
LCD display ON or OFF.
When the LCD display is turned off,
press either of the PICTURE or +/-
buttons and the LCD display will turn