Audiovox D2010 Portable DVD Player User Manual

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Power Supply
Using the DC Adapter
To use the supplied Vehicle DC Adapter, disconnect the Battery pack and connect the
Vehicle Power Plug Adapter into the DVD Player’s Power Jack and the other end into
the Vehicle DC outlet (Cigarette Lighter Socket) as shown below.
Quick Tips:
Do not operate the unit while driving a vehicle.
Place the unit in a secure position for viewing.
Do not leave battery attached when using car adaptor as power source.
Do not connect the unit to the car adapter when starting the car.
1. Connect DVD Player to power source.
2. Unlock and lift the LCD screen up.
3. Switch the “POWER” to the “ON” position.
4. Press the “OPEN” button to open the disc cover.
5. Put the disc into the tray with the printed side facing up.
6. Close the disc cover.
7. Adjust the volume with the “VOLUME” control (also adjusts headphone volume if
using headphones).