Audiovox D2010 Portable DVD Player User Manual

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Power Supply
Attaching the Battery Pack
Refer to the following steps for attaching the Battery Pack:
1. Place the DVD Player on a soft and smooth surface with the bottom of the unit
facing UP (chassis up see the Fig.1).
2. With one hand on the DVD Player to prevent it from moving, take the battery and
align the four (4) plastic tabs on the battery pack with holes on the player, and
push the battery pack into the DVD Player. (see the Fig.1).
3. Slide the Battery Pack until you hear it click and lock into place (see the Fig.2).
Fig.1 Fig.2
Charging the Battery Pack
The battery pack must be attached to the DVD player to charge it using the supplied
AC Power Adapter.
1. Attach the battery pack to the DVD player
2. Plug the supplied AC Power Adapter into the player’s power jack marked
with ”DC+12V IN”, which is located on right side of the DVD Player.
3. Plug the other end of the AC Power Adapter Cord into a household AC Outlet as
shown below.