Audiovox D2010 Portable DVD Player User Manual

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System Connections
Note: Before plugging the power cord into an AC outlet, make sure that all other
connections have been made as described below.
Power Supply Connection
Connect the supplied adapter to the side of the DVD player in the jack marked “DC
12V IN”. Plug the two-prong end of the power cord to an AC100-240V outlet. If you
have difficulty inserting the plug, turn it over and reinsert it. If the DVD Player will not
be used for a long time, disconnect the plug from the outlet.
Connecting to a TV
Audio/video connections
Always ensure that the DVD player, TV and any other electrical components are
switched OFF before connecting to the DVD player.
The easiest way to connect the DVD player to a television is via the supplied
Audio/Video cable. Connect the audio/video cable from the DVD player to the
audio/video inputs of the TV. And then switch the AV IN/OUT button to OUT.
Note: Noise may occur in speaker when there is an external audio signal input while
playing a DVD disc. Unplug the audio cord to clear the noise.
This player only outputs NTSC signals. Make sure to use NTSC input type monitor/TV.
If the picture is distorted or colorless, please check the type monitor/TV.
Do not connect an audio/video input while the A/V in/out switch is in the out position.
This may result in unwanted audio or video distortion.