Audiovox D2010 Portable DVD Player User Manual

- 19 -
Installing The System Onto Vehicle Seat Back
1. Take one of the supplied straps from the carrier bag. Connect the latch to one
of the upper metal rings on the mounting bag. Connect the “S” hook to the
other upper metal ring and place the loop over the headrest. Adjust the strap
until the bag is firmly secured.
2. Take another strap from the carrier bag, and connect the latch to the lower
metal ring on the left side of the bag. Attach the “S” hook to the same ring after
looping the strap around the seat rail. Repeat this process for the right side. In
some vehicles, it may be necessary to attach the “S” connector to the rail
directly, as it may not be long enough to reach back to the ring.
3. Adjust the straps tightly so that the bag is secured.