Audiovox D2010 Portable DVD Player User Manual

- 26 -
Playback Functions
Forward and Reverse Scan
Press the and buttons to Forward or Reverse scan a disc during playback (x2,
x4, x8, x16 x32).
Slow Forward
Press the SLOW button to Slow Scan a track on a disc during playback (1/2, 1/4,1/8,
Repeat a Title, Chapter or Track. Press the REP button on the remote control.
Continually pressing the REP button will display a menu as follows: Repeat Chapter,
Title, All.
You can temporarily select a section of a DVD that you would like to play repeatedly.
You do this by marking the start and the end of the section using the A/B button.
During playback press the A-B button on the remote control at the beginning of the
segment (point A) you wish to play repeatedly. Press the A-B button again to mark the
end of the segment (point B).
The DVD player will automatically return to point A and repeat playback of the
selected segment (A-B). To resume normal playback, press the A-B button again.
A DVD disc can be recorded with up to 32 subtitles.
Press the SUBT button on the remote control during playback to select the one you
NOTE: This function is only available on DVD discs that are recorded with
If the scene was recorded from multiple angles, you can change the camera angle of
the scene you are watching.
Press the ANGLE button on the remote control during playback. Playback will shift to
another angle. If the disc menu gives the options of angles items, you can switch
angles for viewing by pressing the number buttons on the remote control.
Note: This function is only available if a disc has multiple angles recorded on the disc.