Audiovox D2010 Portable DVD Player User Manual

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Main Features
High Quality Audio and Video
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Screen
10.2” Color LCD screen.
Special Functions
Supports Multi-angle, Multi-language and
Parental-lock features.
AV Input
An external Audio/Video signal input
can be connected to the AV input
Audio Output
Audio output jack for connection to an
external amp or powered speakers.
Video Output
Composite video output for connection to
an external monitor.
Headphone Output
For listening to movies or music in
Wireless IR Headphone Output
For use with optional wireless infrared
Switching Power Adapter
Automatically adapts to voltage
requirements in the U.S. and other
Advanced Playing Function
Plays: DVD, DVD-R, CD, CD-R, CD-RW
and JPEG discs are compatible.
ON-Screen Display
ON-screen displays in your choice of
English /Spanish/French.
Search Function
Multi-speed, fast forward, fast reverse,
slow play and repeat playback.
Zoom Function
Allows the viewer to enlarge in the
Search By Time
Search for a certain time on a disc.
Last Memory Playback
Continues playback from a stopped point
as long as power is applied to the DVD
Region Code
DVD players and discs are coded by
region. These regional codes must
match. If the codes don’t match, the disc
cannot be played. This player’s code is
region 1.