Audiovox D2010 Portable DVD Player User Manual

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Symptom How To Check
The player cannot play.
Make sure the AV IN/OUT switch on the right side of
the player unit is in the OUT position for standard
• Make sure the disc door is completely closed.
• Make sure a disc is loaded.
• Make sure the disc is loaded with label side up.
• Disc should be clean, not dirty or warped.
• Player’s region code should be the same as the
region code of the DVD disc.
• Make sure water condensation has not occurred? If
it has, remove the disc and keep the player power
on until the moisture evaporates.
There is no sound.
• Make sure the system connection is correct.
• Make sure the sound setup of DVD disc is correct.
• Is your disc dirty or warped? Clean or replace it.
• If wired headphones are plugged in, unplug them.
There is no picture.
• Make sure TV is turned on and in correct video
• Make sure your system connection is correct.
Poor AV performance.
• Is your disc dirty or warped? Clean or replace it.
Cannot continue to play and
play a section repeatedly.
• Make sure the player is not in A-B repeat mode.
• Press
-B button to cancel A-B repeat status.
• Is your disc dirty or warped? Clean or replace it.
The remote control does not
• Make sure there is no obstruction between the
remote control and the player.
• Make sure you are pointing the remote control
towards the player.
• Make sure battery is inserted correctly (check
• Replace weak battery.
Other possibilities:
Static or other external interference may cause the player to function abnormally.
Unplug the power-supply cord from the outlet and plug it in again to reset the player so
that normal operation can resume. If you are still having problems, then disconnect the
power to the DVD Player and consult a qualified technician.
WARNING: Do not touch any metal objects to the Battery connectors, as it will put
the Battery in standby mode. To exit the standby mode, connect the Battery and
DVD Player to AC or DC power.