Audiovox D2010 Portable DVD Player User Manual

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Playback Functions
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During DVD disc playback, press the GOTO button on the remote control once, there
will be a menu displayed on the screen. Use the  direction buttons to select the
desired item and press the Enter button. Select Title or Chapter
and use the number
buttons to
input the desired title or chapter number. Press the direction button to
Note: some DVD discs may not support this function.
Resume Playback
Press the STOP button at the point if you wish to stop the playback of a disc. The
DVD Player will memorize the location where playback of the disc was stopped.
Press the Play/Pause button to resume normal playback. The DVD Player will resume
the playback of the disc from the location where it was stopped. This function will not
operate if the disc is removed from the DVD Player.
Press the STOP button twice (2). Playback of the disc will stop. When the Play/Pause
button is pressed again, playback of the disc will start from the beginning of disc.