Audiovox D2010 Portable DVD Player User Manual

- 25 -
System Setup
Preference Page
Audio, Subtitle, Disc Menu
This setting allows you to hear or read the subtitles of a DVD in your choice of English,
Spanish and French etc. if the disc contains multiple languages.
DVD discs equipped with the child lock function are rated according to their contents
and settings vary from disc to disc. Depending on the disc, you can lock out playback
of the disc altogether. Access parental control by pressing the  (direction buttons)
on the remote control, then press the ENTER button.
Parental control features are password protected. The original setting is unlocked.
This setting allows you to use number buttons to input any password.
Note: The Default Password is 3308. This password is always effective even after you
have selected your own password and changed it. To avoid the possibility of others
using the default password to set the parental level and change the password, you
can record this default password in another area and delete it from this manual. Some
discs can be limited depending on the age of users while some discs cannot.
Default Reset
Use this function to reset all the settings.
Note: For preference setting the unit must be in the stop mode.
DVD discs can contain up to 8 audio bit streams. For Example: English, Spanish,
French etc.
To select the audio bit stream you prefer press the AUDIO button on the remote
control during playback. The DVD player will play the next audio bit stream every time
you press the AUDIO button in succession.
Note: This function is only available for discs that have several audio bit streams
recorded onto it.