Apple MA450LLA MP3 Player User Manual

Chapter 1
iPod Basics
Using iPod Menus
When you turn on iPod, you see the main menu. Choose menu items to perform
functions and go to other menus. Icons along the top of the screen show iPod status.
Adding or Removing Items From the Main Menu
You might want to add often-used items to the iPod main menu. For example, you can
add a “Songs” item to the main menu, so you don’t have to choose Music before you
choose Songs.
To add or remove items from the main menu:
Choose Settings > Main Menu.
For each item you want to appear in the main menu, turn the Off option to On.
Display item Function
Play status
The Play (
) icon appears when a song is playing. The Pause (
icon appears when a song is paused.
Lock icon
The Lock icon appears when the Hold switch (on top of iPod) is set
to HOLD. This indicates that the iPod controls are disabled.
Menu title Displays the title of the current menu.
Battery status The Battery icon shows the approximate remaining battery charge.
If the battery is charging, the icon is animated.
Menu items Use the Click Wheel to scroll through menu items. Press the Center
button to choose an item. An arrow next to a menu item indicates
that choosing it leads to another menu.
Play status
Menu items
Battery status
Menu titleLock icon