Apple MA450LLA MP3 Player User Manual

30 Chapter 2 Music Features
Listening to Audiobooks
You can purchase and download audiobooks from the iTunes Store or from and listen to them on iPod.
You can use iTunes to load audiobooks onto iPod the same way you load songs. If you
stop listening to an audiobook on iPod and go back to it later, the audiobook begins
playing from where you left off. Unless you’re playing songs from within playlists, iPod
skips audiobooks when set to shuffle.
If the audiobook you’re listening to has chapters, you can press the Next/Fast-forward
or Previous/Rewind button to skip to the next chapter or the beginning of the current
chapter in the audiobook.
You can play audiobooks at speeds faster or slower than normal.
To set audiobook play speed:
m Choose Settings > Audiobooks and choose a speed.
You can also adjust audiobook play speed from the Now Playing screen while you’re
listening to an audiobook. Press the Center button until you see the Speed menu item,
and then use the Click Wheel to set Speed to Slower or Faster.
Setting the play speed only affects audiobooks purchased from the iTunes Store or
Listening to FM Radio
You can listen to radio using the optional iPod Radio Remote accessory for iPod. iPod
Radio Remote attaches to iPod using the Dock connector cable. For more information,
see the iPod Radio Remote documentation.