Apple MA450LLA MP3 Player User Manual

Chapter 4 Photo Features 43
Viewing Photos
You can view photos on iPod manually or as a slideshow. If you have the optional iPod
AV Cable, you can connect iPod to a TV and view photos as a slideshow with music.
Viewing Photos on iPod
To view photos on iPod:
1 On iPod, choose Photos > Photo Library. Or choose Photos and a photo album to see
only the photos in the album. Thumbnail views of the photos might take a moment to
2 Select the photo you want and press the Center button to view a full-screen version.
From any photo-viewing screen, use the Click Wheel to scroll through photos. Press the
Next/Fast-forward or Previous/Rewind button to skip to the next or previous screen of
photos. Press and hold the Next/Fast-forward or Previous/Rewind button to skip to the
last or first photo in the library or album.
Viewing Slideshows
You can view a slideshow, with music and transitions if you choose, on iPod. If you have
the optional iPod AV Cable, you can view the slideshow on a TV.
To set slideshow settings:
m Choose Photos > Slideshow Settings, and then follow these instructions:
To set Do this
Slideshows to display on iPod Set TV Out to Ask or Off.
Slideshows to display on TV Set TV Out to Ask or On.
If you set TV Out to Ask, iPod gives you the option of showing
slideshows on TV or on iPod every time you start a slideshow.
The length of time each slide
is displayed before advancing
Choose Time Per Slide and pick a time.
The music that plays
during slideshows
Choose Music and choose a playlist. If you’re using iPhoto, you can
choose From iPhoto to copy the iPhoto music setting. Only the
songs that you have loaded onto iPod play.
Slides to repeat Set Repeat to On.
Slides to display in
random order
Set Shuffle Photos to On.
Slides to display with
Choose Transitions and choose a transition type.
Slides to show on PAL
Set TV Signal to PAL or NTSC.
PAL and NTSC refer to TV broadcast standards. Your TV might use
either of these, depending on the region where it was purchased. If
you aren’t sure which your TV uses, check the documentation that
came with your TV.