Apple MA450LLA MP3 Player User Manual

Chapter 4 Photo Features 41
Importing Photos Directly From a Camera or Photo Card Reader
to iPod
Using the optional iPod Camera Connector (available for purchase at
ipodstore) and a standard digital camera or photo card reader, you can store and view
photos on iPod, and then delete them from the camera or photo card and take more
pictures. Later you can transfer the photos from iPod to your computer using a
standard digital photo application (such as iPhoto on a Macintosh).
To see which cameras and other devices are compatible with the iPod Camera
Connector, go to
Note: You can’t view slideshows on a TV using photos transferred directly from a
camera or photo card reader. To view the photos in a slideshow on a TV, you must
transfer them to your computer, and then import them back to iPod using iTunes.
To import photos from a USB digital camera or photo card reader to iPod:
1 Turn on iPod and attach the iPod Camera Connector.
2 Turn on your camera (or photo card reader) and connect it to iPod using the USB cable
that came with your camera.
3 On iPod, choose Import.
Photos are stored in a DCIM (digital camera images) folder on iPod.
iPod Camera Connector