Audiovox D1929B Portable DVD Player User Manual

Each full recharge takes approximately five hours and one full charge
can provide power to the player for approximately 2 hours.
During recharge, the red indicator will stay on. Once fully recharged,
the red light will turn off. At this point you may remove the wall plug and
stop charging.
Precautions Related to Battery Recharge:
1. The DVD player must be set to power off.
2. Once the battery is fully discharged, immediately recharge
(regardless of whether you plan to use battery or not) in order to
maximize battery life.
3. To charge the battery, please connect the power jack directly into
the DVD Player and leave connected until the red power indicator
turns off.
Using and Maintaining Your Rechargeable Batteries
1. Please make sure you always use only the AC adapter included
with the player to recharge your battery. The battery can only be
charged with the AC adaptor and will NOT charge with the car
DC adaptor.
2. Recharge efficiency will degrade when environmental tempera-
tures drop below 41
F (5
C) or exceed 95
F (35
3. Do not leave the DVD player in a hot automobile or temperatures
exceeding 50
C (122
F). Permanent battery damage, fire, or
explosion may result.