Audiovox D1929B Portable DVD Player User Manual

I. Menu
A DVD is divided into sections called titles and chapters. When you
play a DVD, a root menu of the disc will appear on the screen of your
TV or Monitor. The contents of the menu vary from disc to disc. Press
MENU during playback to display the menu. Some DVDs only allow
you to select disc playback options using the DVD root menu.
J. Display (Display contents vary from disc to disc.)
1. Playing Time and Remaining Time
a. During playback press the DISPLAY button to display the current
Title Number (1), the total Number of Titles (2), the current Chap-
ter Number (3), the total Number of Chapters (4), and the elapsed
playing Time for the title (5). The heading will disappear automati-
cally after 3 seconds if no buttons are pressed.
b. Press DISPLAY button again to display the Remaining Time of
the title. The heading will disappear automatically in 3 seconds.
Title Remaining Time Screen Display
Title, Chapter Number and Time Screen Display
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