Audiovox D1929B Portable DVD Player User Manual

1. Using the Repeat Feature
The default mode for the Repeat feature is OFF. Pressing 1/ALL button
consecutively changes the repeat options:
Repeat Track- repeats the track that is playing.
Repeat All - repeats the disc that is playing.
Repeat Off
As you toggle through the options, the repeat option changes. The
selected repeat option loops repeatedly until you turn it off.
2. A-B Repeat
a. During playback press A-B to set the Starting Point A.
b. Press A-B a second time to set the Ending Point B and the
player will repeatedly play the part between Point A and Point B.
c. Press A-B a third time to cancel A-B repeat and resume the
normal playback.
3. Forward/Reverse Scan
a. During playback press uu to scan foward at 2x, 4x, 8x,16x, 32x
and normal speed.
b. During playback press tt to scan backward at 2x, 4x, 8x,16x,
32x and normal speed.
L. Playing JPEG Files
1) Load a JPEG disc onto the disc tray.
2) A screen showing folders or picture files contained on the disc
will be displayed automatically after loading.
3) Press UP, DOWN and ENTER button to select a folder or a
picture. If a picture is selected, photo slideshow will start with the
selected picture.
4) Press the DOWN button to rotate the picture clockwise.
5) Press the ZOOM button to enlarge the picture size by 125%,
150%, 200% or zoom out by 75%,50% and then return to the
original size. When the image is enlarged, you can use the
navigation buttons to view blocked parts of the picture.
6) Press UP button to return to the screen showing folders or
picture files.
7) During slideshow, press STOP button to enter Thumbnail mode.
Press navigation buttons and ENTER button to select a picture
you want to start the slideshow with.
8) Press PLAY/PAUSE button then the slideshow will pause. Press
the button again to resume the slideshow playback.