Audiovox D1929B Portable DVD Player User Manual

M. Connecting to Other Equipment
1. AV Out
Connecting to a TV or Another Monitor ( Refer to Figure 5)
Connect the black end (1/8 plug) of the audio/video cable into the
units DVDs A/V OUT jack, and connect the other end to the
AUDIO INPUT jacks on your TV or Monitor using an additional set of
AV cable (not included) (white = left audio channel, red = right audio
channel, yellow = video).
Figure 5
2. Connecting Headphones (Not included)
Simply plug the headphones into either Headphone jack 1 or
Headphone jack 2 on the left side of the DVD Player.
(Refer to Figure 6)
Figure 6
Plugging into Headphone jack 1 will disable the internal speakers.