Audiovox D1929B Portable DVD Player User Manual

* Some DVDs only allow access to this function through the DVD
3. Subtitle
During disc playback press SUB button to select the subtitle
language you desire*, with the current Subtitle Language Number
(1) and the total Number of Subtitle Languages (2) displayed. If
there are multiple languages press SUB button again to select
another subtitle language. To turn subtitles OFF, press the SUB
button until SUBTITLE OFF is displayed. The Subtitle display will
disappear automatically if the SUB button is not pressed again within
3 seconds.
Angle Screen Display
Subtitle Screen Display
2. Angle
During playback of a disc, press ANGLE button to display the avail-
able angles for discs containing multi-angles*, with the current angle
number (1) and the total number of angles (2) displaying. Press
ANGLE button to select other angles.
*NOTE: Not all discs contain this feature.