Samson MD13 Portable Multimedia Player User Manual

Graphite MD13 · USB Pad Controller
Thank you for purchasing the Samson Graphite MD13, compact USB pad controller!
The Graphite MD13 gives you the performance and production control to easily integrate
with Windows or Mac digital production workstations. The controller can also be powered
directly by an Apple iPad (using the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit or Lightning to
USB Camera Adapter, not included), to be used to control many iOS MIDI applications.
The Graphite MD13 is a full-featured controller with 13 velocity-sensitive trigger pads
with aftertouch, arranged chromatically, perfect for programming drum tracks, triggering
samples, or playing synth lines. In addition, the Graphite MD13 includes six assignable
knobs, master encoder, transport controls, and a crossfader. For complete control of your
software, the Graphite MD13 has five programmable presets which allow you to reassign
any of the controls to suit your performance or production needs. To take full advantage
of adjusting parameters and saving presets, you will need to download the free Graphite
Mini computer editor from the Samson website (
In these pages, you’ll find a detailed description of the features of the Graphite MD13
pad controller, as well as a guided tour of its control panel, and inst ructions for setup and
use. You’ll also find a warranty card enclosed. Please don’t forget to fill it out and mail it
in so that you can receive online technical support, and so that we can send you updated
information about this and other Samson products in the future.
We recommend you record your serial number in the space provided below, for future
Serial number: ____________________________________________
Date of purchase: __________________________________________
With proper care and maintenance, your Graphite MD13 will operate trouble-free for
many years. Should your controller ever require servicing, a Return Authorization (RA)
number must be obtained before shipping your unit to Samson. Without this number,
the unit will not be accepted. Please call Samson at 1-800-3SAMSON (1-800-372-
6766) for an RA number prior to shipping your unit. Please retain the original packing
materials and, if possible, return the unit in its original carton. If your Graphite MD13
was purchased outside of the United States, contact your local distributor for warranty
details and service information.