Samson MD13 Portable Multimedia Player User Manual

Graphite MD13 · USB Pad Controller
1. Trigger Pads - The 13 backlit velocity-sensitive trigger pads with aftertouch can
send MIDI note, velocity, and aftertouch messages or when the CC button is
pressed send control change information. The setting of the Trigger Pads note and
control change information can be set using the computer editor, as either toggle or
momentary style buttons.
2. Assignable Knobs - The six knobs send continuous control change data. You can set
up to 30 different parameters using the five presets.
3. Transport Buttons - The transport buttons control stop, play, and record. They can
also be assigned to control different parameters using the computer editor. The
Play/Record button sends the primary (PLAY) message when pressed. Press the
SHIFT to send the secondary (RECORD) message.
4. OCTAVE +/– Buttons - Press the OCTAVE buttons to shift the octave of the trigger
pads up or down a maximum of four octaves, to extend the range of the controller.
Each time you press the OCTAVE button, the range of the pads shifts up or down
12 notes. The buttons blink progressively faster as the keyboard’s octave shifts in
each direction. Press both buttons to set the pads to the default range.
5. Master Encoder - This continuous encoder sends continuous control data.
6. Crossfader - This assignable fader sends continuous control data to your DAW.
Front Panel Controls and Functions