Samson MD13 Portable Multimedia Player User Manual

Front Panel Controls and Functions
7. SHIFT Button - Pressing this button enables the PLAY/RECORD button to send the
secondary function. When pressed the SHIFT button will light red to display it is
8. PROG Button - Press this button to send program change information via the first
ten trigger pads (P1-P10). Press the P13 pad to send the desired program change
message. When the PROG button is pressed, the button lights red and the pads will
not send performance information.
9. CC Button - When pressed, the button lights red and the Trigger Pads change from
sending note information to control change information.
10. PRESET Button - Press this button to choose one of the five available presets.
Presets are recalled by pressing one of the first five trigger pads (P1-P5). Each
preset can have unique MIDI parameters assigned to the each control, and can be
adjusted using the Graphite Mini computer editor.
11. USB Connector - Connect the included USB-mini cable from this port to the USB
connector on a computer to provide power to the controller, as well as to send and
receive MIDI data.