Emerson CKS3516 Clock Radio User Manual

Setting The Time, The First Time
IMPORTANT: The first time you connect your new SmartSet
clock radio to the
AC outlet the internal computer will automatically set the time correctly for the
Eastern Time Zone, which is the initial default setting. The display will scan for a
few seconds and then show the correct Day and Time in the Eastern zone. If you
live in the Eastern Time zone, theres nothing else to do. Your clock is set correctly
and running.
If you do not live in the Eastern Time zone you must change the default zone
display to your own zone. You only do this one time and the SmartSet
will remember
the new default zone setting and will always return to that setting after a power
There are 7 time zones programmed into your SmartSet
clock radio as follows:
ZONE 1 Atlantic Time
ZONE 2 Eastern Time (Default Setting)
ZONE 3 Central Time
ZONE 4 Mountain Time
ZONE 5 Pacific Time
ZONE 6 Yukon Time
ZONE 7 Hawaiian Time
To change the default time zone display,
depress the TIME ZONE button. The number
2 will appear on the display indicating that the
default zone is ZONE 2, Eastern Time.
Hold the TIME ZONE button and then press either the SET + or buttons until
your own time zone appears on the display, then release the buttons. The clock
display will change to the correct time in the time zone you selected. The clock will
always return to the correct time in the zone you selected after every power
If you move to a different time zone, simply change the default zone display to the
new zone and the SmartSet
will remember that setting for you.
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