Emerson CKS3516 Clock Radio User Manual

Sleep To Music Timer
You can program the sleep timer to play the radio for up to 90 minutes and then
shut Off automatically.
1.) Press the SLEEP button.
The display will briefly show 10 and the
radio will begin to play.
After 10 minutes the radio will shut off automatically. Each time you press the
SLEEP button the sleep timer will start at 10 minutes. This is the sleep timer
default setting.
2.) To increase or decrease the amount of time that the radio will play before
shutting off, hold the SLEEP button and press either the SET + or button to
change the display to the desired sleep time, up to a maximum of 90 minutes
or a minimum of 02 minutes.
NOTE: When you change the sleep timer from the 10 minute default setting
to a different setting, the new setting becomes the default setting. Whenever
you activate the sleep timer it will begin with your new default setting and
count down to zero from that point.
3.) To cancel the sleep timer before it counts down to 00 and shut the radio Off
immediately, press the SNOOZE/SLEEP OFF Bar.
IMPORTANT: Remember that the station and volume settings you choose for
the Sleep To Music operation are the same settings you will hear if you set the
alarm for wake to radio the following morning.
DIMMER Control
The DIMMER control was set to the HI (High) position at our factory. If you find the
clock display is too bright in a darkened room, set the Dimmer control to the LO
(Low) position.
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