Emerson CKS3516 Clock Radio User Manual

Power Source
This radio is designed to operate on normal 120V 60Hz AC power only. Do not
attempt to operate the radio on any other power source. You could cause damage
to the radio that is not covered by your warranty.
This radio should be connected to an AC outlet that is always live. Do not connect
it to an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch. When the power to the radio is
interrupted, the built in lithium battery takes over to maintain the time and alarm
settings. To maximize the life of the lithium battery keep the radio connected to a
live AC outlet at all times.
You will note that this system is equipped with
a polarized AC power plug having one blade
wider than the other. This is a safety feature. If
this plug does not fit into your existing AC outlet,
do not try to defeat this safety feature by filing
the wide blade to make it fit into your outlet.
If this plug will not fit into your outlet, you
probably have an out-dated non-polarized AC
outlet. You should have your outlet changed by
a qualified licensed electrician.
AC Plug
AC Outlet
Sure Alarm battery Back-Up System
This SmartSet
Clock Radio includes a Sure Alarm battery back-up circuit that can
wake you up even if the power is Off at the selected wake up time. If your power
is Off at the selected wake up time the clock display will be off and the radio will
not operate, but a separate mini-buzzer will turn On automatically to wake you up,
even if you had selected the Wake to Radio option.
The Sure Alarm will sound for 30 seconds and then shut off automatically.
To stop the Sure Alarm buzzer immediately, press the RADIO ON/OFF button.
Pressing the SNOOZE button has no effect during Sure Alarm operation.
NOTE: In order to maximize the life of the built in lithium battery, please be
sure to set the ALARM 1 and ALARM 2 switches to the OFF position if the
radio will be disconnected from the AC outlet for more than a few hours. This
will prevent the Sure Alarm from turning On unnecessarily.
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