Emerson CKS3516 Clock Radio User Manual

Changing The Lithium Battery
Like all batteries, eventually the built in lithium battery will need to be replaced. A
number of factors, such as, the length of time between the date the radio was
manufactured and the date you plugged it in for the first time determine the amount
of time before replacement. During this initial storage period, the lithium battery is
supplying power to the SmartSet
computer memory. Once you plug the radio in,
your household outlet supplies the power, and the battery is not being used. A
fresh lithium battery can supply power to the SmartSet
computer for at least 3
years even if it is never connected to an AC power supply. If your radio was
connected to your AC supply within a few months after it was manufactured, and
you experience only the normal, nuisance type, short duration power interruptions,
your battery may last for up to 5 years or even longer.
When the battery power drops below a certain level, the LOW BATT.. indicator
will Flash. When you see this indicator, you should change the battery as soon as
it is convenient for you to do so. To change the battery proceed as follows:
1.) Purchase a replacement 3V lithium battery wherever batteries are sold. The
battery type is CR2430 or equivalent.
2.) Remove the battery from its package so it is ready to install.
IMPORTANT: Leave the radio AC power cord connected to your AC outlet.
This will provide power to the SmartSet
computer memory while the
original lithium battery is removed.
3.) Turn the radio face up and use a small screw driver to remove the screw
securing the battery holder to the cabinet.
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