Emerson CKS3516 Clock Radio User Manual

Resetting The Clock After A Total Memory Loss
If you do not change the built in lithium battery within a reasonable period of time
after you see the warning indicator, the lithium battery may become exhausted
and will no longer be able to supply back up power to the SmartSet
computer. If the unit is disconnected from the AC outlet after the battery is exhausted,
or if a power interruption occurs, the SmartSet
memory will be lost and the clock
will need to be reset when the power is restored. Be sure to install a fresh lithium
battery before you reset the clock, otherwise the clock will need to be reset each
time the power is interrupted.
If the lithium battery is exhausted and you experience an interruption in the AC
power supply, the clock will reset itself to its initial default setting when the power is
The initial default setting is 12:00 AM, Saturday, January 1st (1. 1), 2005.
If you notice that the time on your SmartSet
clock radio is completely incorrect,
and the DAY OF WEEK indicator is also wrong, press the MONTH/DATE button to
see the date.
If the date display is showing 1. 1 (January
first), you probably experienced a total memory
To reset the clock after a total memory loss, proceed as follows:
1.) Follow the instructions on page 20-21 and install a new CR2430 lithium battery
in the battery compartment.
2.) Connect the radio to your AC outlet and let the clock set itself.
3.) Depress the MONTH/DATE and TIME buttons together. The display will change
from Time to Year.
While holding the MONTH/DATE and TIME buttons, press the SET + button
to set the display to the correct year, then release the buttons.
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