Audiovox DS7321 PK Portable DVD Player User Manual

- 23 -
This item allows a user to access the Password Setup Page.
Password Setup Page Options:
PASSWORD MODE: You can activate or disable the password function by setting it to
ON or OFF. You must key in the correct password and press
ENTER to confirm before you can change the option. The default
password is 3308.
PASSWORD: Access this item to reset the password.
To change the password:
1. Enter the old password in the OLD PASSWORD row.
2. Enter the new password in the NEW PASSWORD row.
3. Enter the new password again in the CONFIRM PWD row.
Note: You may reset the password if you forget the old password by using the default
password: 3308.
Note: The default password is 3308. This password is always active even after you
have selected your own password and changed it. To avoid the possibility of
others using the default password to set the parental level and change the
password, record this default password in another area and delete it from
this manual.
This item allows a user to restore all the default settings except the settings in the
Password Setup Page and the PARENTAL item.
RESET: Restores the default settings.