Audiovox DS7321 PK Portable DVD Player User Manual

- 17 -
ON: Enables the Angle Mark function. When a disc with multiple camera angles is
playing, an angle mark will display on the screen. You can then view the video of
different camera angles by pressing the ANGLE button on the remote control.
OFF: Set this item to OFF to hide the angle mark.
OSD LANGUAGE (On-Screen Display Language)
This function allows you to set the language for the on-screen display.
Options: English, French, Spanish
During playback or in a paused status, the Last Memory function will memorize the last
playback time each time you open the disc tray. The next time you insert the same disc
and close the disc tray to load the disc, the unit will play from the memorized point.
ON: Enables the Last Memory function.
OFF: Disables the Last Memory function.
This function is available when a disc is encoded with multiple camera angles.
This function is available when a disc is encoded with closed captions.
ON: Enables the Closed Caption function. When a disc encoded with closed captions,
the closed captions will be shown on the screen.
OFF: Set this item to OFF to hide closed captions.
You can also press the SUBTITLE button on the remote control to show or hide the
closed captions.
When the player is not in use for several minutes (for example the disc is paused,
stopped etc) a running DVD logo will move across the LCD screen to protect the LCD
ON: Enables the Screen Saver function. If the image remains motionless on the screen
for several minutes, a screen saver will appear on the screen. You can press any
key or button to wake the screen up.
OFF: Disables the Screen Saver function.