Samsung FTQ352IWUW Clock Radio User Manual

50_ Troubleshooting
Food does not broil
The oven controls have been set
Press the BROIL pad.
The rack has not been properly
See the broiling guide on page 30.
Cookware not suited for broiling. Use suitable cookware.
Aluminum foil used on the broiling
pan and grid has not been fitted
properly and slit as recommended.
See the section on broiling on page 29.
In some areas the power (voltage)
may be low.
Preheat the broil element for 10 minutes.
See the broiling guide on page 30.
The oven
temperature is too
hot or too cold.
The oven sensor needs to be
See the section on adjusting the
thermostat on page 35.
Scratches or
abrasions on
cooktop surface
The cooktop is being cleaned
Scratches are not removable. Tiny
scratches will become less visible in time
as a result of cleaning.
Cookware with rough bottoms
were used on the cooktop or
there were coarse particles (eg.
salt or sand) present between the
cookware and the surface of the
To avoid scratches, use the recommended
cleaning procedures. Make sure bottoms
of cookware are clean before use, and use
cookware with smooth bottoms.
Cookware has been slid across the
cooktop surface.
Brown streaks or
Boilovers have been cooked onto
the surface.
Use the blade scraper to remove soil.
See the section on care and cleaning of
the glass cooktop on page 43.
Areas of
discoloration with
metallic sheen
Mineral deposits from water and
food have been left on the surface
of the cooktop.
Remove using a ceramic-glass cooktop
cleaning cream.
Use cookware with clean, dry bottoms.
The oven will not
The oven temperature is too high
to set a self-clean operation.
Allow the range to cool and reset the
The oven controls have been set
See the section on self-cleaning on page
A self-cleaning cycle cannot be started if the oven lockout feature has been
activated or if a radiant surface element is on.
“Crackling” or
“popping” sound
This is the sound of the metal
heating and cooling during
both the cooking and cleaning
This is normal.
Excessive smoking
during a self-
cleaning cycle
There is excessive soiling in the
Press the CLEAR/OFF pad. Open the
windows to rid the room of smoke. Wait
until the self-cleaning cycle is cancelled.
Wipe up the excessive soil and reset the
oven for self-cleaning.
The oven door will
not open after a
self-cleaning cycle.
The oven is too hot. Allow the oven to cool.
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