Samsung FTQ352IWUW Clock Radio User Manual

22_ Operating the oven
The oven can be programmed to bake at any temperature from 150°F to 550°F.
How to set the thermostat
1. Start the set up.
Press the BAKE pad. The default temperature is 350°F.
2. Enter the temperature you want on the number pad, eg. 3, 7, 5.
3. Start the bake function.
Press the SET/START pad. The temperature display will start to
change once the oven temperature reaches 150°F.
4. If you want to cancel baking or if you have fi nished, press the
Place food in the oven after preheating if the recipe calls for it. Preheating is very important
for good results when baking cakes, cookies, pastry, and breads. After the oven has
reached the desired temperature, a long beep will sound 6 times.
How to adjust the thermostat while cooking
1. Start the set up.
Press the BAKE pad. The display will show the present
temperature, eg. 375°F.
2. Enter the temperature you want, eg. 425°F, by using the number
3. Complete the entry by pressing the SET/START pad.
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