Samsung FTQ352IWUW Clock Radio User Manual

46_ Maintaining your appliance
3. Open the door fully. If the door will not open fully, the indentation is not inserted correctly in the
bottom edge of the slot.
4. Push the hinge locks up against the front frame of the oven cavity to the locked position.
Hinge lock
Unlocked position Locked position
5. Close the oven door.
Turn the power OFF before removing the warming drawer.
How to remove the warming drawer
1. Open the drawer to the fully opened position.
2. Locate the glide lever on each side of the drawer; push down on the left glide lever and pull up
on the right glide lever.
Push down on the left guide
Pull up on the right guide
3. Pull the warming drawer away from the range.
How to replace the warming drawer
1. Replace the shield on the right glide of the drawer body.
2. Pull the bearing glides to the front of the chassis glide.
3. Align the glide on each side of the drawer with the glide slots on the range.
4. Push the drawer into the range until levers click (approximately 2 inches). Pull the drawer open
again to seat bearing glides into position. If you do not hear the levers click or the bearing
glides do not feel seated, remove the drawer and repeat steps 1-This will minimize possible
damage to the bearing glides.
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