Samsung FTQ352IWUW Clock Radio User Manual

Operating the oven _29
Broil stop position
Broil stop position
Leave the door open to the broil stop position. The door will
stay open by itself, yet the proper temperature is maintained
in the oven.
Using the broil pan
The broil pan and the insert allow grease to drain and be
kept away from the high heat of the broiler.
Do not use the pan without the insert.
Do not cover the insert with foil; the exposed grease
could ignite.
Should an oven fi re occur, close the oven door and turn the oven off. If the fi re continues,
throw baking soda on the fi re or use a foam-type fi re extinguisher. Do not put water or
fl our on the fi re. Flour may be explosive and water can cause a grease fi re to spread and
cause personal injury.
How to set the oven for broiling
1. Select the broil setting you want.
Press the BROIL pad once for HI or twice for LO.
Use LO to cook foods such as poultry or thick cuts of meat
thoroughly without over-browning them.
2. Start the broiling function.
Press the SET/START pad.
Broil on one side until food is browned; turn and cook on the other
3. Press the CLEAR/OFF pad once you have fi nished cooking or if
you want to cancel broiling.
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