Audiovox 128-7376 Portable Stereo System User Manual

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FCC Regulations
This unit complies with the interference limits relative to a Class B digital device, applicable under Part
15 of the FCC Rules regarding installation in a residential environment. If the unit is not installed in
accordance with these instructions, it could cause harmful interference to audio or television reception.
If this condition persists after corrective action, consult your dealer or experienced installation facility.
Cautions and Warnings
1. Within the home, do not install the Receiver Boom Box in a position that obstructs viewing of
any home entertainment component, such as Television, or stereo system indicators and
2. Do not install or use the XB9 in locations exposed to direct sunlight, or in areas subject to
extreme temperatures; do not operate the unit in moist areas, in rain, or in areas adjacent
to water such as pools, hot tubs, etc.
3. When outdoors, position the XB9 and antenna where there are no obvious satellite signal
obstructions such as high terrain, trees, overhangs, etc.
4. When installed indoors, unplug the AC Power Adapter from the wall outlet when the XB9 is not to be
used for an extended period of time. If batteries are installed, set the Power On/Off-VOL control to
the Off position to prevent unintentional battery discharge, or remove the batteries.
5. To avoid possible damage to the Receiver Boom Box caused by battery leakage, it is
recommended that the batteries be removed when the Boom Box is not being used for an extended
period of time.
6. Do not install or place the XB9 on an inclined or unstable surface.
7. By adhering to these warnings and safety considerations, serious accidents and/or personal
injury can be avoided.