Audiovox 128-7376 Portable Stereo System User Manual

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Setting Up and Installing Your Kit
NOTE: The XM® signal can be received andpro-
cessed virtually anywhere as long as there
are no obvioussatellite signal obstructions
such as high terrain, trees, overhangs, etc.
In placing the antenna, therefore, these factors
must be taken into account .
Installation/Wiring Precautions
1. If using the adapter, make sure the adapter cable
is not connected to an AC wall outlet until all inter-
connections have been made and verified. The
adapter power cable should be connected last.
2. Incorrect installation may cause damage to the
3. For antenna positioning, refer to the Antenna
Aiming procedure outlined in the XR9 Satellite
Radio Receiver User Guide, 128-7220.
XB9 Boom Box
(P/N 144-2477)
1 pc.
Contents XB9
Users Guide
P/N 128-7376
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AC/DC Power Adapter
(P/N 136-3990)
1 pc.
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