Audiovox 128-7376 Portable Stereo System User Manual

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You are one step closer to experiencing the latest innovation in XM Satellite Radio. XM will revolutionize your in-
home or vehicle entertainment with:
Over 150 Digital Channels Coast-to-Coast
Over 80,000 Hours of Entertainment Each Month
The Most 100% Commercial-Free Music
The Most Sports Play-by-Play on Satellite Radio
The Most Instant Traffic & Weather Channels--21 Metro Areas
The Biggest Names in News, Talk & Entertainment
Your Audiovox XR9 Satellite Radio Receiver must be used with an adapter kit, such as the Audiovox Home Kit,
Boom Box or Vehicle Kit as required by your specific installation needs. These kits are available at retailers
where Audiovox main units are sold.
Audiovox Home Kit: Part Number XH9
Audiovox Vehicle Kit: Part Number XC9
Audiovox Boom Box Part Number XB9
Required subscription for service sold separately. Premium Channels available at additional monthly costs. Instal-
lation costs and other fees and taxes may apply, including a one-time activation fee. All fees and programming
subject to change. College sports games subject to availability. Subscriptions subject to Customer Agreement
included with the XM Welcome Kit and available at Only available in the 48 contiguous United States.
(c) 2005 XM Satellite Radio Inc. XM is a trademark of XM Satellite Radio. All rights reserved. All other trademarks
are the property of their respective owners.