Yamaha DVD-S1800 Portable DVD Player User Manual

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Aspect ratio
Horizontal and vertical ratio of a displayed image. The
horizontal vs. vertical ratio of conventional TV is 4:3, and
that of wide-screens is 16:9.
Short for binary digit. Represents the smallest unit of
information manipulated on a computer. In audio systems,
the bit size determines resolution to digitize analog
The larger the bit size, the larger the dynamic range (the
ratio of maximum and minimum frequency level) and the
finer the sounds. Generally, an audio CD is 16 bit and
DVD audio is 24 bit.
Bit rate
The amount of data used to hold a given length of music;
measured in kilobits per second, or kbps. Also, the speed
at which you record. Generally, the higher the bit rate, or
recording speed, the better the sound quality. However,
higher bit rates use more space on a disc.
Component video jacks
Jacks for inputting or outputting a component video
signal. Component video signal consists of three lines, the
luminance signal (Y) and two color difference signals (P
B, PR/CR), which enable to provide high-quality video.
is a popular media technology created by DivX,
inc. DivX
media files contain highly compressed video
with high visual quality that maintains a relatively small
file size. DivX
files can also include advanced media
features like menus, subtitles, and alternate audio tracks.
Many DivX
media files are available for download
online, and you can create your own using your personal
content and easy-to-use tools from DivX.com.
Dolby Digital
Digital surround sound system which is developed by
Dolby Laboratories provides completely independent
multi-channel audio. With 3 front channels (left, center,
and right) and 2 surround stereo channels, Dolby Digital
provides five full-range audio channels. With an additional
channel especially for bass effects (called LFE, or low
frequency effect), the system has a total of 5.1-channels
(LFE is counted as 0.1 channel). By using 2-channel
stereo for the surround speakers, more accurate moving
sound effects and surround sound environment are
possible than with Dolby Surround.
Digital surround sound system developed by DTS, Inc.,
which provides 5.1 channel audio (max). With an
abundance of audio data, it is able to provide authentic-
sounding effects.
It has developed for the sole purpose of creating high
quality pure sound with Linear PCM and Packed PCM
(lossless coding) in up to six audio-channels. Sampling
frequencies of 192 kHz/24 bits are supported.
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the first
industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital A/V (audio/
video) interface. Providing an interface between any A/V
source (such as a set-top box or A/V receiver) and an
audio/video monitor (such as a digital television – DTV),
HDMI supports standard, enhanced or high-definition
video as well as multi-channel digital audio using a single
HDMI transmits all ATSC (Advanced Television Systems
Committee) HDTV standards and supports 8-channel
digital audio, with bandwidth to spare to accommodate
future enhancements and requirements.
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