Tandy 120-2157 Portable Radio User Manual

AM/FM/CD Weather Band Car Stereo
(120-2157) Features Faxback Doc. # 58421
Your RadioShack AM/FM/CD Weather Band Car Stereo has many practical, easy
to use features, and you can install it in almost any vehicle. The
stereo's detachable flat-face control panel lets you quickly remove it to
protect against theft. The automatic travel programming feature lets you
store strong local stations into a separate travel memory.
Memory tuning, seek and scan tuning, and FM optimizer circuitry all help
make your stereo's operation quick and easy to help you drive safely.
CAUTION: Do not change your stereo's settings in heavy traffic or during
hazardous driving conditions.
CD Player:
10-Track Programmable - lets you program up to 10 tracks from the
Memory loaded disc into memory for playback.
Audible Search - lets you rapidly play a CD in either
direction to locate a desired section of a
Track Intro Scan - lets you scan and play the first 10 seconds
of each track on a compact disc so you can
decide whether to play or skip a track.
Shuffle Play - lets you randomly select and play tracks from
the loaded CD.
Repeat Play - automatically repeats the current track.
Track Skip - lets you advance play to the next track or go
back to the previous track.
AM/FM Stereo with Weather Band:
Built-In Weather Band with - lets you receive up-to-date weather reports
7 Preset Stations from the National Weather Service.
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) - provides the highest accuracy.
Quartz Synthesizer Tuning
30 Memory Preset Stations - lets you quickly store and tune up to 30 of