Philips DC290/37 MP3 Docking Station User Manual

Repeat alarm
1 When the alarm rings, press
The alarm repeats ringing minutes later.»
You can press / to adjust the interval to
repeat alarm.
Stop alarm ring
1 When the alarm rings, press the
corresponding ALM 1 or ALM 2.
The alarm stops but the alarm settings »
View the alarm settings
1 Press ALM 1 or ALM 2.
Set the sleep timer
This unit can switch to standby automatically
after a set period of time.
1 Press SLEEP repeatedly to select a set
period of time (in minutes).
When the sleep timer is activated, the »
display shows
, and the volume will
gradually decrease in the last 5 minutes.
To deactivate sleep timer
1 Press SLEEP repeatedly until [OFF] (off)
is displayed.
When the sleep timer is deactivated, »
disappears on the display.
Adjust display brightness
repeatedly to select different levels of
display brightness.
6 Other features
Set the alarm timer
You can set two alarms which go off at different
1 Ensure that you have set the clock correctly.
(See “Get started - Set time and date”.)
2 Press and hold ALM 1 or ALM 2 for 2
[AL 1] or [AL 2] begin to blink.»
3 Press SOURCE on the top panel to select
an alarm sound source: iPod/iPhone, FM
tuner, or buzzer.
4 Press ALM 1 or ALM 2.
The hour digits begin to blink.»
5 Press / repeatedly to set the hour.
6 Press ALM 1 or ALM 2WRFRQÀUP
The minute digits begin to blink.»
7 Repeat steps 5-6 to set the minute.
8 Repeat steps 5-6 to select whether to
ring alarm the whole week, on weekdays,
or at weekend.
9 Repeat steps 5-6 to set the alarm volume.
If you set iPhone/iPod playlist as the sound
source, you must create a playlist in iTunes
called “PHILIPS” and import it to your iPhone/
If no playlist is created in the iPod/iPhone or
there is no song in the playlist, the unit will
wake to songs in the iPod/iPhone.
Activate and deactivate the alarm timer
1 Press ALM 1 or ALM 2 repeatedly to
activate or deactivate the timer.
If the timer is activated, [»
AL 1] or
AL2] is displayed.
If the timer is deactivated, [»
AL1] or
AL2] disappears.