Philips DC290/37 MP3 Docking Station User Manual

3 Press iPhone/iPod to select iPod/iPhone
The connected iPod/iPhone plays »
To pause/resume play, press  OK/
To skip to a track, press 
/ .
To search during play, press and 
/ , then release to resume
normal play.
To go back to the previous iPod/
iPhone menu, press MENU. To scroll
through the menu, press
/ . To
If no key is pressed for more than »
10 seconds, OK/
acts back as
the play/pause key.
Charge the iPod/iPhone
When the unit is connected to power,
the docked iPod/iPhone begins to charge.
For certain iPod models, it may take up to a
minute before the charging indication appears.
Play from an external device
You can also listen to an external audio device
through this unit.
1 Press MP3 LINK to select the MP3 link
2 Connect the supplied MP3 link cable to:
the  MP3 LINK jack (3.5mm) on the
back of the unit.
the headphone jack on an external 
3 Start to play the device (see the device
user manual).
4 Play
Play from iPod/iPhone
You can enjoy audio from iPod/iPhone through
this unit.
Compatible iPod/iPhone
Apple iPod and iPhone models with a 30-pin
dock connector:
iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod 
5th generation (video), iPod with color
display, iPod mini.
iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS.
Listen to the iPod/iPhone
1 Lift up the iPhone/iPod dock on the top
2 Place the iPhone/iPod into the dock.