La Crosse Technology WS-1515U-IT Portable Radio User Manual

Instruction Manual
Table of Contents
Topic Page
Features 3
Setting up 6
Function keys 12
LCD Screen 14
Manual Setting 16
Time alarm setting 24
Weather alarm operations 25
Hysteresis 31
Weather forecast and weather tendency 32
Wind direction and wind speed measurement 36
Rainfall measurement 37
Viewing history data 37
Viewing the min/ max weather data 39
Switch On/ Off buzzer 46
Outdoor transmission 915 MHz reception 48
Positioning 49
Care and Maintenance 53
Specification 54
Warranty Info 57
Congratulations on purchasing this state-of-the-art Professional Weather
Center as an example of excellent design and innovative technology.
Featuring time, date, calendar, weather forecast, wind direction and speed,
rainfall, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature and outdoor humidity, air
pressure and various alarm settings for different weather conditions, this
Weather Center will provide you with extensive weather information and
Weather Center
Time display (manual setting)
12/24 hour time display
Calendar display (weekday, date, month, year)
Time alarm function
Weather forecasting function with 3 weather icons and weather
tendency indicator
Dew point display in ºF/°C
Outdoor temperature display in ºF/°C
Outdoor Humidity display as RH%
MIN/MAX value of outdoor temperature and humidity display with
time & date of recording
Indoor temperature display in ºF/°C
Display MIN/MAX value of outdoor temperature, outdoor humidity,
dew point, wind chill and relative pressure with time and date of
of-the-art new wireless transmission
technology, exclusively designed and
developed by LA CROSSE
offers you an
immediate update (every 4.5 seconds!)
(6.5 SECONDS FOR RAIN) of all your
outdoor data measured from the
transmitters: follow
our climatic
This product offers:
Hanging hole
Function keys
Low/High outdoor temperature and humidity alarm
Relative air pressure displayed in inHg or hPa
Air pressure tendency indicator for the past 12 hours (bar graph
LCD contrast selectable
Low battery indicator
Wind direction displayed in 16 steps
Wind speed and gust displayed in mph, km/h, or m/s, and Beaufort
Wind chill displayed in F of C
High alarm function for wind speed
Manual reset of outdoor temperature, outdoor humidity, dew point,
wind chill, pressure, wind speed, gust, and 24h rainfall
24h rainfall display in inch or mm
Total rainfall display in inch or mm
Storm warning alarm
Buzzer on/off selectable
Storage of 140 sets of history weather data recorded in 3-hour
Wireless transmission at 915 MHz
Transmission range up to 330 feet (100 meters)
Back –light? (To be confirmed by LCU)
Thermo-hygro Sensor
Remote transmission of the outdoor temperature
and humidity to the Weather Center at 915 MHz
Weather-resistant casing
Wall mounting case (to be mounted in a sheltered
place. Avoid direct rain and sunshine)
Wind Sensor
Connected to the thermo-hygro sensor
by cable
Can be installed onto a mast or a
horizontal panel
Rain Sensor
Remote transmission of the rainfall
data to the Weather Center at 915 MHz
To be mounted onto a horizontal panel
Cable connection between the wind
sensor and the thermo-hygro sensor
Wireless transmission
at 915 MHz - thermo-
hygro and rain sensor
to the Weather Center
Weather Center
Wind sensor
Rain sensor
Sockets for wind sensor
When putting the Weather Center into operation, it is important to perform
in close proximity (e.g. on a table) a complete wiring and set-up of the
system. This step is important to test all components for correct function
before placing and mounting them at their final destinations (See
Positioning below) Spin the wind vane and tip the rain gauge to test.
1. Unwind the cables of the Wind sensor. Connect the Wind sensor to
the Thermo-hygro transmitter by plugging the connector head into the
socket of the Thermo-hygro sensor.
2. First insert the batteries into the Thermo-hygro sensor and Rain
sensor “How to install and replace the batteries into the Thermo-
hygro sensor“ and “How to install and replace the batteries into
the Rain sensor” below).
3. Then insert the batteries into the Weather Center (see “How to
install and replace the batteries into the Weather Center below).
Once the batteries are installed, all segments of the LCD will light up
briefly and a short signal tone will be heard. It will then display the
time as 00:00, the date as 1.1.05, the weather icons, and air pressure
value. "- - -" will be shown for outdoor data.